Stormwater Management System

Stormwater is the excess rainwater that flows from rooftops, roads, car parks and other buildings. Intense periods of heavy rainfall are placing new challenges on our country’s drainage infrastructure – it’s reckoned that two thirds of the devastating 2007 summer floods were the result of surface water flooding – urban deluges which flooded over 44,000 homes with a total bill in the region of £3 billion. Our stormwater management system modules can be used to store the rainwater until it can be safely discharged, be recycled for commercial and domestic use, or soakaway back to ground. We manufacture a range of modular systems – Versavoid, Pluvial Cube, Pluvial Invicta, Eco-cell Attenuation Tanks or Aquadrain cells to suit any application; our technical team is always on hand to help and we have full independent test data on the loading capabilities of our products.

Pluvial Cube gains IAB certificate, confirming compliance with CIRIA C737

Pluvial Cube has been awarded NSAI Agrement (IAB) certificate 18/0401, the first storm water management system module to be awarded a certificate confirming that the product can be designed to ensure that combined dead and imposed loads are sustained and transmitted to the ground in compliance with CIRIA C737 Structural and geotechnical design of modular geocellular drainage systems.

Contact our engineers for help in ensuring that your design is CIRIA C737 compliant  too –

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