At Alderburgh, we give ongoing support to our favourite charity, Pigs Inn Heaven  which is a sanctuary for unwanted or abused pet pigs and turtles / terrapins.

Sadly, some people buy into the myth of the tiny pet pig, the sort you can carry in a handbag like a small dog… unfortunately, what they’ve bought is simply a piglet that wil grow and grow, there’s no such thing as a micro pig!

The pigs can end up living in completly unsuitable conditions, being abused, overfed, no excecise, and no company from other pigs – these are sociable animals, they should always be kept with at last one other pig. Sadly, many are abandoned or mistreated to the point of near-death.

Pigs Inn Heaven currently has 75 pigs, 5 of which are set to be rehomed to responsible new owners shortly; they aim to rehome as many as possible and ask for people to sponsor the animals to help with costs of those that they have long-term.

They also have 44 turtles and terrapins – again, these get bought as tiny things the size of a 10p piece and can grow to more than the size of a dinner plate; they need specific conditions, and end up being abandoned or released into rivers, canals, parks ponds or simply dumped in the street. A change in the law means these can’t be rehomed any longer, and so Pigs Inn Heaven makes a long-term commitment to care for them.

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